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Gathering anthropological experiences SoL Gonzalez Feliciano is a perfomer visual artist and radical events plannerGrowing up abroad, SoL was able to travel extensively, gaining artistic inspiration from various cultures. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and daughter.

"Imbued with a certain atavistic charge, the work of Sol González Feliciano has more in common conceptually with that of early palaeolithic cave paintings than fauvism; though, aesthetically, it may seem inspired by the former. Her mark-making techniques casually disregard refinement and strive to connect with our shared primitive selves; a collective prehistory. Without a doubt, her work’s principal source is nature; the winding, twirling and bending forms of her more non-objective work on one end of the spectrum and the more illustrative drawings of different types of vegetation on the other. Her materials range from charcoal and pastel to glicée prints and digital work. Even when working in the digital ambit, she finds an organic resolution through the use of saturate pure hues that evoke tribal pigments. It suffices to say that she and nature are bound inexorably; as we all are. The difference is that she colorfully dares to remind those who have forgotten."

                          Gabriel Virgilio Luciani